District Forms

Achievement Week Awards Form – Form 77 (MS Word)
Achievement Week Life Time Achievement Form (MS Word)
Achievement Week Years of Service Form – Form 76 (MS Word)
Achievement Week Training Document from UG Summit 201? – (Adobe PDF)
African American Life & History Award Profile Form (MS Word)
Blood Drive Committee Report Form (Online)
Bridge Builder Registration Form (Online)
Chapter Committee Chair Form (Online)
Chapter Media Presence Form (Online)
Chapter Officers Form (Online)
Credentials Form-36A (Online)
District Convention Brochure (PDF)
District Convention Online Registration

District Convention Registration Form – PDF

District Convention Agenda(Adobe PDF)

Request for Proposal 10th District Awards 201? (Adobe PDF)

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline – $125 (UG) | $175 (G) ~ January 31, 2017
  • Regular Registration Deadline – $125 (UG) | $225 (G) ~ March 25, 2016
  • Late/Onsite Registration – $150 (UG) | $250 (G) 
District Convention Souvenir Booklet Form (Adobe PDF – Fillable)
District Convention Souvenir Booklet Online Payment

  • Forms are Due by – March 18, 2017
District Credentials Form – Form 36A

  • Your Chapter KRS must submit – *Chapter KRS, Please check your IHQ Email Address
District Fall Council Registration |District Fall Council Registration Form (Adobe PDF) District Fall Council Proposed Agenda (Adobe PDF)

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline – $40 (G) $30 (UG) ~ September 15, 2016
  • Regular Registration Deadline – $50 (G) $40 (UG) ~ October 1, 2016
  • Late/Onsite Registration – $60 (G) $40 (UG)
District March Down Form (MS Word)
District Report Uploads Form (Online)
District Vendor Application Form (PDF)
District Warrant Form TD22 (MS Excel)
Manhood Committee Report Form (MS Word)
Membership Committee Report Form (Abode PDF)

MSP Form 1 Package

MSP Form 105 Package

MSP Application Packet

MSP Policies and Checklists

MSP Overview (Consolidated) April 2017

MSP Memo – Spring 2016 MSP Cycle – Form 1 Deadline Reminder

MSP Electronic Submission Guidelines for Form 1 and 105 Packages

MSP Initiation Fees

MSP Form 9A-1I – Certification / Recertification Form

MSP Form 9A-20 – Acknowledgement & Indemnification Agreement

MSP Candidate Link – Supplemental Instructions

IHQ National Essay Information & Application Form (Adobe PDF) Applications Due October 21, 2016
Omegas Seeking Political Office
Omegas Network / Business Form
Recommendations Online Form

  • Form Due – Mar. 1, 2017
Reclamation Report Form64 (MS Word) – Due Mar. 4, 2017
Recommendations Form (Online) – Due Feb. 22, 2016
Retention Online Form Due by Feb. 22, 2016
Scholarship Application – Charles R. Drew (IHQ) ~ 2016

  • ** Application Due (must be received by) March 25, 2016
Scholarship Application – Tenth District (MS Word)

  • ** Application Due (must be received by) no later than TBD
Social Action Packet – Due by Feb. 20, 2017
Special Committee Report Form (MS Word)
Standard State Rep Report Form (MS Word)
Standing Committee Report Form (MS Word)
Talent Hunt Chapter Chair Application (MS Word)
Talent Hunt Student Application (MS Word)
Talent Hunt International Guidelines (MS Word)
Time & Place Five Year Rotation Instruction (Adobe PDF)
Time & Place Hosting Application (MS Word)
Undergraduate Summit (Online) | Undergraduate Summit Agenda (PDF)